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exclusive production pipelines


Education and Backgroud:

Born in Los Angeles in 1977

Graduated from Shalhevet (LA) higschool in 1996

Completed IDF(07+) service in 1999

Finished LA Community College AA studies in 2002

Married my wonderful wife in 2004

Recieved official license from Autodesk as authorized Maya animator in 2009






Founded and run by:Raphael S. Castle




GUI Design

high-gloss interface and navigation elements for several Norton applications, many of which are widely being used today all around the world

Interactive Icons, buttons, progress bars and background set-pieces 100% done from scratch




Antique Italian-

woodwork and finishing

what started as a side hobby quickly became a full-time professional occupation spanning the course of 8 years!

Washing & Staining, Aging & Weathering, Cracking & Patinas, Applications of Masks, Stucco and more..

all Italian materials and technique, ultra-high class, indoor/out door quality



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CommercialHead studios

Story-boarding (6+years)

sketching visual-guidelines for shot-lists and concept references for set-building. on-the-fly solutions and adjustments. brainstorming optimizd schedules

ultra high-end production segments; both motion and still film, for the Entertainment section as well as the advertisement field.

worked closely with world-famous glam-photagrapher Moshe Brakka and his 2 sons for major league clients:

Martini&Rossi,Toyota,Motorolla,BestBuy,Camel Cigarettes, SkyyVodka, Dewers Scotch and many more..




































































































1st break into the Computer Graphics world began with the Commodore-64, Amiga A500-A1200 in the late 80's/early 90's...